Proven breeding boar 18 months old. Fantastic temperament,, is being kept in a pen with gilts, horses, goats, sheep and a LGD,, and all this is all new to him, as previous owner very recently passed away. He has been gentle on the gilts. His babies are lovely and growing great,, All babies have found homes.
I was told he is a Landrace cross,, I believe crossed with York,, judging by his build. He is a most beautiful pig. I would love to keep him, if I was not already too busy, to take on the keeping of a boar for only 1 or 2 gilts.
Price is very negotiable depending on the home and the willingness of the buyer to allow future breedings to my sow/gilt one or two. Asking 300.00
Also 1 lovely gilt, Your choice between two,, 8 months old,, bred by boar. Price also negotiable for a return of a piglet, 300.00.